2015 RJS Radio Festival Schedule

June 17th Musqeuam Culture - Centre- Gallery

MC`D by Gunargie and Musqueam Training and Employment Student
1:00-1:30pm    Christie Lee
1:30-2:00pm    Murray Porter
2:00-2:15pm    Intro First Nations Health Authority
2:15-2:30pm    Provincial Health Authority
2:40-3:00pm    Ryan Gonzales
3:00-3:40pm    First Nations Health Authority
3;40-4:00pm    Warren Hooley Beat Boxer
4:00-4:30pm    Cheryl Bear-Barnetson
4:30-4:50pm   Rez Warrior-Larry Hanson

June 18th Vancouver Aboriginal Community Policing Centre

Co mc'd by Jerome Defkawn Edge-Skagit Valley radio
1:00-1:30pm   Kat Norris/ pow wow singer and poet
2:00-2:20pm   Poet Muriel Marjorie
2:30-3:00pm   Nimkish Younging
3:00-3:30pm   Gail Dalanah Bowen
3:30-4:00pm   Ridley Wallace
4:00-4:20pm   Comedian Dallas Yellowfly
June 19th Strathcona Elementary School Auditorium
Co Mc'd by Cj Caroline Robinson
1:00-1:30pm   Fraser Valley Drummers 
2:30-3:00pm   Palmer & SisterClan
3:00-3:45pm   Kalan Wi
3:45-4:00pm   Raven Tales 
4:00-4:30pm   Todd Preview of APTN Coyote Science APTN Series
4:30-5:00pm   The Rising Heat Band
June 20th Gallery Gachet
Venue 4 Co Mc'd by CJ Robinson
1:00-1:30pm   Silver Harmony/ Pacific First Nations Womens Association
1:30-2:00pm   Spencer Davis -Somatic
2:00-2:30pm   Soul Carvers
2:30-3:00pm   Redsoulbluez
3:00-3:15pm   Arlene Bowman/filmmaker-poet
3:30-4:00pm   Brander Raven/singer songwriter
4:00-5:00pm The Band Shed
June 21st Bill Reid Gallery
Venue 5 Co Mc'd by Beau Dick
1:00-1:30pm   Audrey Seigle
1:30-1:45pm   Beau Dick and Guanrgie
1:45-2:00pm   Bev Sellars, Author of "They Called Me Number One"
2:00-2:30pm   Corey Bulpitt - carver and story teller
2:30-3:00pm   Corrine Keeling
3:00-3:30pm   Gwaii Edneshaw
3:30-4:00pm   Os12 
4:00-4:30pm   Ta'Kaiya Sierra Blaney
4:30-5:00pm   Beau Dick Grouse Dance and Song

Red Jam Slam on Access Television

Our Red Jam Slam Board of Directors made an appearance on Access Television recently along with Executive Director Shelley Robinson, Project Coordinator Kari Benninghaus, and Project Producer Will LaFrance.