2015 RJS Radio Festival Schedule

June 17th Musqeuam Culture - Centre- Gallery

MC`D by Gunargie and Musqueam Training and Employment Student
1:00-1:30pm    Christie Lee
1:30-2:00pm    Murray Porter
2:00-2:15pm    Intro First Nations Health Authority
2:15-2:30pm    Provincial Health Authority
2:40-3:00pm    Ryan Gonzales
3:00-3:40pm    First Nations Health Authority
3;40-4:00pm    Warren Hooley Beat Boxer
4:00-4:30pm    Cheryl Bear-Barnetson
4:30-4:50pm   Rez Warrior-Larry Hanson

June 18th Vancouver Aboriginal Community Policing Centre

Co mc'd by Jerome Defkawn Edge-Skagit Valley radio
1:00-1:30pm   Kat Norris/ pow wow singer and poet
2:00-2:20pm   Poet Muriel Marjorie
2:30-3:00pm   Nimkish Younging
3:00-3:30pm   Gail Dalanah Bowen
3:30-4:00pm   Ridley Wallace
4:00-4:20pm   Comedian Dallas Yellowfly
June 19th Strathcona Elementary School Auditorium
Co Mc'd by Cj Caroline Robinson
1:00-1:30pm   Fraser Valley Drummers 
2:30-3:00pm   Palmer & SisterClan
3:00-3:45pm   Kalan Wi
3:45-4:00pm   Raven Tales 
4:00-4:30pm   Todd Preview of APTN Coyote Science APTN Series
4:30-5:00pm   The Rising Heat Band
June 20th Gallery Gachet
Venue 4 Co Mc'd by CJ Robinson
1:00-1:30pm   Silver Harmony/ Pacific First Nations Womens Association
1:30-2:00pm   Spencer Davis -Somatic
2:00-2:30pm   Soul Carvers
2:30-3:00pm   Redsoulbluez
3:00-3:15pm   Arlene Bowman/filmmaker-poet
3:30-4:00pm   Brander Raven/singer songwriter
4:00-5:00pm The Band Shed
June 21st Bill Reid Gallery
Venue 5 Co Mc'd by Beau Dick
1:00-1:30pm   Audrey Seigle
1:30-1:45pm   Beau Dick and Guanrgie
1:45-2:00pm   Bev Sellars, Author of "They Called Me Number One"
2:00-2:30pm   Corey Bulpitt - carver and story teller
2:30-3:00pm   Corrine Keeling
3:00-3:30pm   Gwaii Edneshaw
3:30-4:00pm   Os12 
4:00-4:30pm   Ta'Kaiya Sierra Blaney
4:30-5:00pm   Beau Dick Grouse Dance and Song