Red Jam Slam Society concludes the Resonating Reconciliation project!

The upcoming Nunavut Red Jam Slam Event, to be held on March 28, 2014, marks the close of a hugely successful year in association with the National Community Radio Association.



A Brandez Slam!


Also to be held in Vancouver on March 28th will be a Red Jam Slam Event at the Brandez Pub (122 E. Hastings St).Featured in the line up are Rez Warriors, with The Beezers, and Comedian Patricia Burnsyourwagon, Rose Siccama - RedSoulBluez, and more! To insure a seat for this be there by 9PM.




The Red Jam Slam Board of Directors are pleased to announce the ending of the Resonating Reconciliation project that has made the last year a very productive and dynamic year for the Red Jam Slam Society; and for this we thank all participants, members, and supporters -- and most of all the Artists, Performers, and participants in all of the past years Red Jam Slam Events and Radio Docs.


The Red Jam Slam Society was founded on June10th, 2010 and exists to host events, celebrations, and annual festivals that feature emerging and seasoned aboriginal artists and performers. The Red Jam Slam Society encourages grassroots creativity with strategies that honor all levels of Aboriginal voice and talent and encourages all to participate and witness the continued aboriginal growth and presence within all media.